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Come in. Browse our unique selection of Products, Services and Travel Destinations. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us and I am sure we can find just what you need.
  • Medical and Dental Services
  • Atlantean Fast Cruisers
  • The Original, The Devestating, The Delimiter
  • Narn Cruiser (Discount)
  • AnitMatter Chaingun
  • Go Fast Courier
  • Navigational Services and Children's Parties
  • Diplomatic Cruiser
  • Needle Beamer
  • Fast Corellian Freighters
Welcome. I am Quark, the proprietor of the Cosmic Store.
I am Quark,
proprietor of the
Cosmic Store.
You should be able
to find anything
you need here,
... for a price.

Let me show you
some of what
what we carry.

Welcome to my MVC Demonstration and Test platform. It is also a small tribute to my love of classic Science Fiction, where I spent much of my youth.

This is cool. The Cosmic Store is open once again.
It is still under construction, but it's back. I'm currently in the process of converting this from MVC3 to MVC4 and Mobile. The point is to test the techniques necessary to make a data intensive application that will work on a variety of devices with different sizes. Originally it was supposed to use as many technologies as I could jam in, including Responsive CSS, Responsive Javascript and the User Agent String as well as Jquery Mobile. I've dropped the JQuery Mobile for performance reasons, but I do not think I need it.

This is a bit of an early take on what I plan, but I think with the Bootstrap Framework and some Responsive Javascript, I can make this really slick. Whenever my ISP gets my server updated, I can use the User Agent String and this should go even better. ... Lets see... bootstrap.css says: .container width: 750px; width: 970px; width: 1170px;

Right now I am converting this over, so please excuse anything that breaks or is not aesthetically developed. I hope you find it amusing. Close This

My apologies, this area is not complete yet.
This will take a pretty trick grid for data display.
I'm working on it.