Software Development is far more than a UI and I can offer end to end solutions to your IT needs.

I am primarily a C# developer, but can work with C++, Python, SQL and even ASP Classic. It is about getting the job done that needs doing. If I need another tool or library, I can usually get it working in short order. I write efficient code, but really, because of my experience, I most focus on writing maintainable code. I even document it.

I have setup systems starting with the hardware, including Domain Servers, Database Servers and Internet servers, but more than anything else I am a software developer. I have broad experience providing a variety of Web and Windows solutions as well as a fair amount of experience in the Linux Environment. It is not about the tools though, they help, but it is more about communicating to the client to find out their requirements, offer possible solutions so that they can make good descisions and then delivering the product. I use both waterfall and Agile development paths as appropriate.

Soon I will put some page links below to show code samples as part of this portfolio. Still building...

Sample Pages

Here are a few Web Pages from my current project. They are a responsive design meant for desktop or tablet, but not really for mobile. There is good javescript behind them.

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Sample Pages

While the web is great for mass communication, it is also a great business tool. It can provide services and reports, tailored for the role of the user. It can also provide data for a variety of services outside the corporate domain.

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Code Sample

This page has some code snippets in it. The code snippets I include are ones I have used and tend to be rather unusual.

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CRUD Generator

This is a dandy CRUD Generator helps you lay out a data table and then automatically produces the SQL Stored Procedures, the ADO.Net calls to the Stored Procedures as well as the SQL Table and C# Class.

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