Javascript and CSS

Javascript brings a page to life. There seems to be something special about programming the browser itself and dynamically changing the page content.

Cascading Style Sheets can give a page life, but really, they are the fashion hound. CSS is for the look of the site. CSS conveys the the Style and Tone of a site. It is going to communicate that a site is Artistic, Sporty, Fun, Flashy or Just Get Down To Business.

This site will demonstrate a variety of CSS methods, but the pages available below are mostly to demonstrate the capability of a variety of Javascript Libraries.

Your browser doesn't support canvas.


Please be patient, I have some pretty exotic code samples including:

This is how I do AJAX »
jsTree.js for a Directory Tree like display. Try this one now. Quick Finder Data Tree »
Jquery.DataTable.js which is a very useful library.
SlickGrid.js which is about the most advanced and challenging, high performance data grid available.



In the mean time, this is cute for a dashboard

I have had occasion to use various graphic capabilities of HTML5, including the canvas element. I have a fairly sophisticated canvas project for testing, but really if you want to use the canvas, you should be using a javascript library made for what you need like Raphael.js that is used for these gauges. In the production page, this is run by AJAX and refreshes every 5 seconds. This is quick and dirty, but hey, it looks OK.